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​Fine Art ~ Carved Wood

Randy Leibowitz Dean

fine art ~ carved wood

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Poem by Joa Field
Age: 7

Roses are red, violets are blue, trees are so beautiful, and so are you.


Story by Leo Field
Age: 9

 There was a tree. The tree stood in the middle of a meadow. The meadow was then turned into a farm. The farm was then destroyed. But the tree still stood. Not physically, but the spirit of the tree shall forever stand in that meadow.


Story by Chyanne O’Hara
Age: 11
 Goliath, the giant, was always losing his teeth.  In fact, he only had one tooth left.  This might sounds a little crazy but this was his favorite tooth, so he didn’t want to lose it. 
 One summer morning, Goliath’s parents told him to go for a walk and pick some apples.  He got his favorite green basket and headed towards the apple trees.  He picked four apples from the tree, one for his papa, one for his mama, one for his sister and one for himself.  He placed them in his basket and headed home. 
 When he got home, his papa came downstairs.  His papa was really mean and didn’t want to share with anyone.  He took two of the apples for himself.  Goliath took one of the remaining apples and bit into it but as he did, his tooth fell out and landed on the kitchen floor. 
 Goliath picked up his tooth and headed to his room.  He was so disappointed that he placed his tooth in a jar and wrote “my last tooth” on it to display it.  He was so proud of it that he wanted to take it to an artist so she could display it.   He asked his mama, who was loving and caring for help and she said yes.
 They got into their car, along with the tooth, and headed to Matthews, North Carolina where an artist they knew lived.  They rang the doorbell and a little dog barked until the artists came to the door.  The giant asked the artist if she would like to display his tooth.  She said yes and the giant handed her the tooth.  The little dog sniffed and licked the tooth (gross), but Randy was delighted to be able to display such a rare piece of artwork.


Story by Emily Wadsworth
Age: 12
Front :  What I see on the front is a blanket of deer skin that you would use as a blanket.

Back :  What I see on the back is 4 logs of wood combined together

 Deer Skin Blanket
    A long time ago there lived a poor hunter by the name of Christopher with his son John and his wife Mary Elizabeth. He was out one day with his son and they saw a deer. Christopher and John used their rifles to shoot the deer. When they got home Mary Elizabeth used the deer skin to make a huge blanket for their one person bed.
The Chicken and the Carpenter
   A long time ago there was a carpenter by the name of Jack. One day Jack cut down 4 logs. Jack saw a magical chicken. Jack wished for a wall so he could finish his friend's house. Then the chicken turned the 4 logs into a wall.   


Story by Megan Wadsworth
Age: 11

Fields of Sorrow
 A long, long time ago there lived a farmer by the name of Matthew and his 2 children named Sora and Samantha (Sam). Sora was very spoiled and even though her Papa worked very hard, she was never happy with his wage or work. Sam however was hard working and made sure her small family and animals never starved. Their mother had died when they were little and even though Matthew loved them they still were a bit stand-offish.
 The drought had begun again on the town of Bumblebee and water was scarce. The fields were empty and the trees were fruitless. The tricksters of the town were burning fields and land. Matthew was on a trip trying to sell the little food he had and the sisters were alone in the house. While they were eating their measly supper a knock came upon the door. Frightened Sora hid by the bed while Sam opened it. On the other side was a jolly hunter by the name of Burt. He said “If you will give me a bit of your bread, then I will give you something wonderful.” Quickly Sora said “We have nothing and we will give-” but Sam stopped her “We have a small bit of bread and some stew. Come join us at our table.” Sora gave her a dirty look and took her seat.
 After their eating the huntsman began his offer of a ram that would cure their troubles and keep the fields thriving. The only thing they had to do was feed him one seed of wheat from your field, but the ram would only use its magic once. After that it would become a regular ram. Hungry Sora ran out saying “Where is it? Where is the ram?” “Right here!” exclaimed Burt. Sora was ready to get it done with, but Sam was skeptical and was worried about the fires. After a huge fight they went to bed and Burt slept on a cot.
 When Sam and Burt went to sleep they did not realize that Sora was using the magic ram to restore the field to heath.
 The next day Sam was so surprised that she screamed and all the birds took flight. For the first time Sora was harvesting the new wheat. Sam was terrified. What was Sora thinking? She could never harvest all of the wheat before the devils burned it up. They would starve because of Sora. Sam’s anger was overflowing like a boiling pot that was too small.
  Sure enough during the set of the sun, south end of the farm erupted in flames. The great flames traveled quickly and since there was no water they could do nothing to help. After a day all that was left of the fields was dirt and ashes. Sam and Sora lugged the wheat that was not burned away and never looked back. From that day on nothing in the fields but grass would grow. That is the story of the Fields of Sorrow.
 I was inspired to write this because of what I see in a sculpture: fields and a ram with its nose in the dirt.


Story by Nicki Moore
Age: 12

  Once, a long time ago there was a little girl named Lilly. Lilly, was creative and made lots of draperies. This drapery however, was different, it was magic. It was a beautiful summer day; there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. Lilly was out making a drapery of course. When she was done she inspected it, something she always did. But it gave her a weird feeling, something wasn’t right and she knew it.
 Suddenly, as if out of nowhere a small furry creature jumped out of the drapery. Lilly, in shock tried to run but couldn’t move, almost as if something was holding her back. Something was the creature! The more she looked at it the more terrifying it became. The once small furry creature was now a large black mass, feeding off Lilly’s fear. It started dragging her into the drapery; Lilly tried to fight with all her might but had no luck against its power. Lilly was thrown into the drapery but suddenly she found herself sitting up in her bed. She realized it was all a dream and in front of her stood the drapery. Her dream was so vivid that she was still scared of it so she covered it up and threw it outside.
 When she woke up the next morning she found it encased in wood. Inspired by the magical feeling it gave her she started to make all her draperies next to the wood. Lilly now sells her draperies for a living and it all started because of that one bad dream.


Story by Quinn O’Hara
Age: 11

 When I look at this piece of art, I think of a long time ago. 

 This wood carving was made by prehistoric wood carving ants.  They worked really hard to carve this piece of wood and it took a really long time.  So long that it took many, many generations of ants to complete the work of art.
 Fast forward a couple thousand years and people need wood.  Lumberjacks tried to give the people the wood they demanded and they cut down the ant’s tree.  They chopped it up into little pieces but dropped one piece.  They were so busy cutting down the trees they didn't notice this beautiful piece of art.  An explorer was walking in the woods and found the piece. 
 He took it home to his wife, an artist, for their 50th wedding anniversary.  He knew she could take a piece of nature and make it even more beautiful.  She loved it and decided to display it for all to see.

A group of children were given the image of this sculpture via email and asked to write a story or poem based on what they see in the art.  Seven of the children’s works are displayed with the sculpture. As always with children I am amazed at their impressions, stories and imagination. I have posted their wonderful writings and ages here.

Impressions of “Vision in the Drapery” Sculpture